Thornton - Sydney, Australia 2018.12.20  23:35

I travelled with Jan and 9 other fantastic men on a yacht through the Dodecanese Islands of Greece in July. This week away was a brilliant experience, getting to know new people from all over the world in a week of sailing, living on board and exploring Greece together. The yacht was very comfortable to live and sleep on, the sights and vistas appeared like something you’d see on a postcard, and the camaraderie pure, being strangers upon boarding, but becoming a tightly knit sailing family by time of disembarking. I would highly recommend this trip, in addition to any Saltyboys trips, for individuals and couples wanting to experience sailing, whilst getting to know new men from abroad. Fun fun fun, thank guys!


Ross - Munich, Germany 2018.12.14  13:56

Jan, thanks so much for a fantastic sailing adventure in September in Croatia. I came with very few expectations, just looking for a relaxing getaway. During the week, I made some fantastic new friends after sharing a close connection. That came out of such a good mix of guys, lots of rose wine (and gin... we ran out twice!), good music, and a very relaxed atmosphere. There was no judging or drama like I was half expecting on a gay cruise. There was just good fun. We saw lots of islands off of Croatia, dolphins, flying fish, and even adventurous sailing with strong winds, but all Saltyboys boats back on time on the next island before the incoming storm. I will certainly be back very soon, and am excited to try out a new destination and make new friendships. Hugs from Munich!


Nick - Montana, USA 2018.11.27  21:09

Where to start? I did the Kos sailing trip last July, and it was my first SaltyBoys and my first proper sailing experience. I didn't really know what to expect going into it, but I have to say that it exceeded all my expectations of how incredible it was going to be. Spending a week with other gay men from every corner of the planet was a truly unique and surreal experience for me. Despite not knowing anyone at the start of the trip, I felt so absolutely at home in everybody's company. Everybody was so friendly and we all got to know each other quickly. I feel like I made new friends on this trip and I truly hope to stay in contact with them all. Skipper Jan was great in absolutely every way. His experience and knowledge of sailing became apparent at the very start of the trip, and I never felt unsafe or scared, even in the particularly rough waters. He was great at instructing people in their little duties aboard to help him out. He was also very accommodating and genuinely cared that everybody was having a good time. I could keep going on and on and on about how great this trip was, but one just needs to experience it for themselves. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to go on this trip and I'm definitely going to be booking with SaltyBoys again in the future.


Pascal Breil - Paris, France 2018.11.22  08:40

Hey guys, I just spent a week in Mexico on a Au Naturel sailing cruise in October, it was my third cruise with Saltyboys and I had a great time like all the previous times. The pleasure to meet guys from all over the world, have great moments with them, chatting of course, some cooking and BBQ, but swimming and snorkeling in such a hot water and seeing magnificiant fishes, sea lions twice and nice corals, all that in a really warm and friendly atmosphere, will surely do another one. Do try, don't be shy, it's really a good way to discover the world, merci beaucoup to Jan and Darren and everyone on board.


Michael - London, UK 2018.10.24  12:02

Don't think about it too much, just book a trip :-) I sailed from Split to Dubrovnik (Sept. 2018) for my first cruise with Saltyboys. I'll be back and only wished I had booked years ago. Being a keen nudist and enthusiastic swimmer, there's nothing better than jumping over the side of a boat into clear, azure waters in a private cove or swimming for an hour staring into the blue void in the middle of nowhere before lunch on deck. Lovely, attractive group of guys, perfect weather, an all-over tan (no tan lines!). It's all good stuff. Enjoy!


Graeme - Newtown, Australia 2018.10.04  03:38

My partner & I have just returned from a Saltyboys cruise in Croatia. May I just say, what a wonderful experience, the guys were great and the Saltyboys skippers highly experienced and knowledgeable sailors. We were so impressed we are about to book next year’s trip in Sardinia. Cheers Graeme & Brad


Daniele - Genoa, Italy 2018.09.02  10:45

Back from my fifth Saltyboys sailing in Dodecaneso Islands with special memories. Skippers/friends Fabio and Jan always kind, sweet, available and ultra professional made me feel safe and loved. All guests from all over the world made me feel in a large lovely family. Wonderful Greek landscapes and amazing seas made the rest of the dream. See u soon in Spain!


Tsviki Levin - Tel Aviv, Israel 2018.08.12  11:52

Just got back from my second Saltyboys sail in the Aegean sea. As much as the first trip, two years ago, was amazing, the last one topped it and was even more special. We sailed with two boats, the guys were fuckin' awesome (and hot, naturally). We all felt like a perfect family on board, and there was a special, relaxed (and sexy) harmony between us all. Skipper Jan is absolutely fabulous(!) and I am proud to call him my friend. His easy going vibe, his great humour, fun & naughty energy, his passion to sailing, his knowledge & professionalism, turns this whole adventure to a "once in a life time" experience. I can go on and on with flattering words about Skipper Fabio as well. Sailing itself was exciting and liberating, the wind, the water, the salt, the sun and the vast beautiful blue sea all around you - what more can I say? Thank you, Jan, for doing this and for making Salty boys sailing such a natural, fun and heavenly get away. Looking forward for future salty adventures together!


David Pumo - New York City, USA 2018.02.19  10:17

This was our second Saltyboys Au Naturel windjammer cruise, on the Italian Amalfi coast this time. (See our review of Côte d'Azur below.) In all honesty, it was possibly the best week of my life!! I was told by other travelers how remarkably beautiful that part of Italy was. But to be there day after day, sailing from one stunning, colorful seaside town to another, and another ... buildings of every color, layered up hillsides and clinging to cliffs ... sailing past rock formations, once part of the island, jutting majestically up out of the sea ... anchoring a few hundred meters from land in the bluest, warmest water and diving in with twenty-two naked guys from around the world ... sitting on deck drinking bottle after bottle of the best cheap wine, munching local specialties, as we cut through the sun and breeze ... docking in breath-taking marinas and exploring the towns, finding perfect restaurants and winding streets of shops and bars ... bouying off shore and being escorted by dingy to a local haunt where we ate "family style" and drank pitchers of red and white ... the night in Ischia we picked the perfect restaurant and ended up dancing wildly with the UK rugby team ... whatever your expectations might be, Italy does not disappoint! We were 22 guys on two boats from many parts of the world. Our boat just clicked. Can't remember a moment when we weren't laughing with each other (or at each other), or singing (seriously...singing!), or following the captains orders and helping out with the sails, or standing together and staring at the magical beauty of this ancient, modern, natural, man-made miracle. Sometimes ... many times ... you just had to stop and take it in. Jan, the captain and owner, is the sweetest man, and the perfect host and tour guide. He sets the tone for a relaxed and overwhelming adventure you won't forget. Looking forward to our third Saltyboys Au Naturel cruise.


Dan - Toronto, Canada 2018.01.03  23:04

Where do I start?

This was my third trip with Saltyboys and with Jan. The first being, Greece in 2012 aka the inauguration of Saltyboys, the second Brazil in 2014 and the third south of France in 2016. In fact I posted the first comment in this section after my first magical trip. While every spot I have been to, has its unique charm and is stunning in its own way, I have come to notice that the trips have become more relaxed and enjoyable while the dynamics between the vacationers has also transformed into a friendship that lasts even after the week is done. Our last cruise in France is the testament to that. Apart from the natural charm of France and French scenery and people, the energy among the 10 of us was just perfect. Everyone, while coming from diverse backgrounds, had a great time spending time with the group or veering off alone for a couple of hours. I miss them all and often find myself thinking back of our times together this past September. All, thanks to Jan and his experience and enthusiasm.  

Jan is very knowledgeable of all the places he sails and always goes out of his way to make sure we see all there is to see in every location. Personally, sailing with Jan gives me the opportunity to get a taste of the carefree lifestyle of the rich and famous for a week and through the years, sailing with him has become my preferred way of vacationing and I believe everyone deserves to treat themselves to at least one of his many cruise destinations.

Looking forward to another trip soon to meet new cool people and places as well as catching up with old friends.


Geoff & Kyle - Los Angeles, USA 2017.02.12  21:48

We just sailed on our first Saltyboys cruise in late October in the Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico. It was a nude cruise with 19 guys on 2 catamarans and was an absolutely brilliant experience, unlike any vacation we've ever taken. Because the islands we visited were so deserted we were essentially all naked the whole week, like a little gay nudist colony at sea. The scenery was breathtaking, with warm, crystal blue water full of colorful fish, white sand beaches and hikes through stunning desert landscapes covered in cacti. We even swam with sea lions which was incredible. The areas we visited had zero internet or cellphone service so we were out of touch with the real world, which is so hard to do these days even while on vacation. Instead of surfing Facebook we read books, took long naps and engaged in the great old art of conversation - such a great way to shake off the stress of our jobs and busy lives.

The guys on the trip were from all over: Germany, Switzerland, Australia, NY, Chicago, UK. Our biggest concern going on our first trip was how the other guys would be, as you are stuck together on a boat for a week - we shouldn't have worried, everyone was fantastic and low maintenance and we made some really great new friends. It was such a lovely feeling of community on the boat, cooking together, telling stories and knocking back many bottles of wine under starry night skies. There was a good mix of couples and single guys and a good age range too, from mid 20s to early 50s. The boat was super comfortable, we had our own cabin and bathroom and although 11 guys on our boat it felt really spacious and never cramped.

Jan was our skipper and we can't say enough about this guy: sweet, funny, warm and such a knowledgeable sailor. It's very telling that so many of the guys on our trip were repeat customers who had done Saltyboys before. Now we understand why and we are going to be repeat customers too - can't wait for our next one. The only hard thing is deciding which of the great itineraries to do next.


Des Davis - Lincoln, UK 2017.01.02  12:33

Hi...I just returned from the Saltyboys au naturale 'maiden voyage' in Mexico. I was with the most terrific group of guys on a two catamaran sail...I have never ventured outside of Europe so this trip was a real 'game changer' for me.

Jan and Tony were amazing skippers, sailing us around the Sea of was magical!

I slept on the net of the catamaran, under the stars...waking up to see the most amazing sunrises...seeing the most incredible islands, beaches, sunsets and marine's hard to express how beautiful it was in words, I get choked up.

I shall be returning to Saltyboys again because I've never had a holiday like this before...gone are my days of going to plebby resorts full of naff people. I'm a Saltyboy now!

Thank you Jan x


Alessio - Torino, Italy 2016.10.03  17:23

The best holiday ever in my life... combination of sailing, friends, relaxing, fun. Corsica is amazing: places that you can't visit from the landside, caribbean beaches facing Sardinia, nature nature and nature, enjoying it from the very first minute on board during a whole week.

Saltyboys guys and crew thanks for the experience and see you in the Bahamas!! ;-)


David & Moe - New York City, USA 2016.10.01  22:01

The September 2016, Cote d'Azur nude cruise with Jan and his assistant Melvin was a life-changing experience!! An amazing mix of fun, interesting gay men from Germany, the UK, Canada, Amsterdam, London and LA (we're from NY), all with different life experiences. A few couples like us, and plenty of singles. Everyone on board was fit, fun and ready for adventure. We all clicked immediately and had a great time exploring different destinations, or just hanging on the boat, sharing showers, chores, meals, and many many bottles of wine! The destinations were perfectly chosen. Gorgeous cliffs to climb, quaint towns to explore, and many nude beaches. Even an entire nude island! Many memorable meals together in seaside restaurants along the way.

Some of the coolest experiences were being on the sail boat, cruising through the blue mediterranean. Laying naked on the front deck in the sun as the boat sped past hillside villages, the wind catching the huge sails. The trip from Saint Tropez to Cavaliere partly upwind with the boat rocking as far as it could through the waves. Helping with the sails, maneuvering the dingy, or taking the wheel from time to time.

We can't thank Jan enough for his skill and his charm. A perfect host, he definitely set the mood for an exciting, relaxing trip. No tension. No worries. A complete vacation from our "real" lives. We know we will see him again, and will definitely be back for another Saltyboys nude windjammer cruise!!


Eric - Hamburg, Germany 2016.10.01  11:08

What a great time I had on our sail around Corsica! Our skipper, provided a great atmosphere and I always felt safe and well looked after.

To anyone reading this that is undecided about taking a cruise with Saltyboys, I can say, "DO IT!" I had a great time, met wonderful people and saw some beautiful places. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Everyone worked so well together to make it an unforgettable trip.

If the idea of a nude sail interests you, there is no better way to try it out than with SALTYBOYS!!!


Darren - Portland, USA 2016.09.29  08:54

So glad I booked this trip! Love being naked and on/in the water and this trip exceeded my expectations. Had a lovely time with a great group of guys sailing around the South of Corsica. Be prepared to chill out, pitch in where needed, and relax. Jan is an excellent skipper and makes everyone feel at home on board his vessel. Looking forward to my next sailing trip!


Andrew - London, UK 2016.07.05  19:40

If you are sitting reading through this site debating about taking a trip with Jan and his Saltyboys then from my experience you should just get on and do it. This time last year I was debating all sorts of questions as to 'should I , shouldn't I'. Today my only thoughts are which trip to go next for.

Last summer I spent an amazing week with skippers Jan and Martin on two boats with a group of wonderful guys from all over the place.

We started in Skiathos and sailed around the islands. So so beautiful.

Jan and Martin have such a great rapport and are true professionals. I felt safe and free and excited and relaxed and .... You get it? I loved it!

Spending a week on a yacht with 8 other guys is not for everyone. Its not a floating palace with servants catering to your every whim - Everyone is different and very quickly you learn how best you can contribute. You will get out what you put in.

I have made some lovely friends who I have kept in touch with and look forward to seeing you again.

If you have any questions no matter how trivial they may be, Jan is super cool and giving you clear and direct answers.

I cant wait to get out on the water again (booked for Greece this year!) and share what I am sure will be another 'best holiday ever'.

Thanks to Jan, Martin and all the Mamma Mia crew. (PS still not watched it!)


Alfred - Eindhoven, Netherlands 2016.06.14  10:09

Last week I've been sailing the coast of Croatia. I've never been on a nude trip, but I enjoyed it very much. The sun, the wind, the guys on board and of course the beautiful Croatian coastline and islands. Nude sailing is the best, total freedom. Thanks Saltyboys for a wonderful trip!


Lee Cumberbatch - London, UK 2016.01.02  14:52

What an awesome concept this is! Jan, in my opinion, has got this just right. From the choice of locations to the types of yacht to the price of the weeks adventure. This is why, after first joining him sailing in Croatia (2014) to St Topez (2015), I've signed up for Mexico at the end of 2016.

Being totally relaxed, meeting amazing people, seeing awesome and ever changing views whilst on the ocean, sharing delicious fresh food and spending time in almost exclusive coves, beaches and bays makes for a perfect get away for me... If you're hesitating as to whether to book or not I'd definitely recommend taking the plunge. I love it and will continue to join future adventures!

Oh, and by the way, I don't have any sailing skills so don't let that put you off... Just be prepared to muck in :-)


Will Candy - Vancouver, Canada 2015.12.28  10:02

This is my second Saltyboys nude sailing trip. First joined in Croatia and now in the BVI's.

You will find it an amazing way to explore the sea and coastlines of some of the worlds greatest natural and historical places.

A great sensual experience getting to know, pull together and bond with men from all over the world.

Jan's good nature and knowledge as a sailor make the trip truly memorable.

You will find a week is not enough!


Dan - Cleveland, USA 2015.12.22  19:11

Jan, I just want to thank you for the fantastic time in St. Martin and BVI’s. On the long sail over from St. Martin to BVI’s I enjoyed sailing the boat and surfing the boat down waves. I also enjoyed watching the flying fish jump out of the water as the bow broke the wave, my first time seeing flying fish. The entire trip was a relaxing and interesting time as we sailed though the bright blue waters in and around the BVI’s. It was fun landing in a private cove and swimming each morning to the shoreline or reef to explore what the ocean had to offer. I was surprised at how well everyone got along and I enjoyed being with everyone on the boat. My friends all thought I was crazy to just sign up without knowing anyone on the boat but after I showed them the pictures and videos and told them my stories they all want to go! I plan on to sailing with you again.. I hope in Greece!  

Have a great 2016 and see you on the water!



Jeffrey - Auckland, New Zealand 2015.8.27  04:56

It has been almost a year since I joined Saltyboys, my very first sailing cruise ever. The first time I found about Saltyboys online, my head could not believe how amazing the photos looked. I said to myself, I gotta try Saltyboys, must be a trip of a lifetime! In September 2014, I finally stepped onto a Saltyboys boat with 11 other strangers in Croatia and the it turned out to be even more awesome than I thought - in fact, it was the best part of my 6-week trip in Europe!

What made it so good?

1. Everyone came from different parts of the world. Let's face it here, when you are sailing there isn't much to do on the boat so you get to mingle with your new friends. As long as you are social, know when to pitch in to help the team out and when to have fun (not THAT kind of fun!!), you will be sweet as. I am not the most outgoing person ever, but I got along with everyone on the boat. Some of the fellows on my boat were just so bloody nice and they will definitely be my life-long mates.

2. The whole experience. Have you ever had a sea shower? Have you ever jumped off a cliff? Have you ever sat on a rock on a deserted island looking at the stars at night? Have you ever danced to the party music on a boat like you just don't care? I did so many things I hadn't done before. Saltyboys completely pushed me out of my comfort zone, and maybe that is why the whole experience is so memorable.

3. The professionalism of the company and the skipper. Jan was excellent. He took care of everything and knew how to delegate tasks to the team so we could all help him, and he also knew how/when to have fun. I was nervous as hell right from the start of my booking, and it was him who carefully explained everything and put me at ease. I know I am biased as I have only been on one sailing trip so far, but Jan is definitely my favourite skipper in the whole wide world!

Were there any regrets? No not at all, it was perfect in every way. Saltyboys can be whatever you want it to be, i.e. if you don't want to jump off a cliff you don't have to; if you don't want to get up for breakfast you don't have to; if you think Saltyboys is just an excuse for an orgy well it is not but I suppose it can be (jokes). Sure the bed was small, I couldn't really use the toilet/shower all the time, and I had to look after everyone's money (guess who the kitty boy was) but I didn't join Saltyboys to be treated like a Queen. The most important thing is what you got out of the experience. For me, it was just a special amazing journey that caught me by surprise and I was actually depressed when the trip ended. Would I do it again? That would be 'yes times infinity'.

Thank you Saltyboys, thank you Jan!

See you soon! XXX



Geoff Harper - Geneva, Switzerland 2015.6.28  17:04

I have just returned from a week's nude sailing cruise around the islands of Croatia with Jan and 10 other guys. I have never had such a relaxing, laid back holiday and was truly reluctant to return home. I had never been sailing before but now I've got the bug. Jan's chalking, calm and chilled attitude filled me with a lot of confidence.  He took us to some beautiful places that were off the main tourist route and we were able to swim and snorkel nude in the most amazing turquoise blue sea. Wherever we went the food was superb and when we ate on board, we all mucked in to produce some fine fare. If you are considering one of the cruises, don't hesitate. Book it now!


Bernd - Berlin, Germany 2014.9.12  14:53

My first experience at a sailing boat was better than I could ever imagine. The Cyclades have been my holiday destination for a long time, to discover this amazing part of the mediterranian sea by boat is again very different and everything during this week was perfect: Jan is an excellent skipper, he has a great sense for his guests, well prepared with details in advance, takes always care of all individual expectations (nine guys from nine nationalities all over the world!), keeps cool in all situations and choses the best locations to set the anchor! Full of energy I say a big big thanks to Jan!


Adrian - Edinburgh, UK 2014.9.3  22:21

I love sailing, and never have I had a more relaxing time than the week spent with Saltyboys in Croatia, August 2014. I stopped wearing my watch - there was no point in knowing the time. I didn't know where we were, or where we were going... and it didn't matter! What a feeling of complete and utter freedom. Just sun, sea, sky and a crew of likeminded guys. Jan was the man with the plan - and even that was flexible. All the rules change when you set sail - all my worries and cares were left on-land. A one-week trip felt like I'd changed to a new way of life. It wasn't a luxury holiday, but as a chance to get away from it all, recharge the batteries, and have some great fun along the way, it was unbeatable. Thanks Jan, and thanks to my fellow Saltyboys, who really made the trip. x


Paco Navarro Latorre - Madrid, Spain 2014.8.28  11:17

Last august I had my second sailing trip with Saltyboys in Croatia. The first one (August 2013 in Greece) was so awesome that I decided to have my own sailing licence. Although nowadays I sail by myself in Spain, my aim is to do as many trips as possible with Saltyboys sailing around the world in the seven seas, because to sail with you guys is always fun and a great experience I will never forget.


Jeremy - London, UK 2014.1.24  21:29

What can I say accept I am a complete sucker for a Saltyboys week of salty fun!

Two holidays under my belt (Croatia 2013 / St Lucia 2014) and looking forward to deciding on my next adventure with the legend that is Captain Jan!

Why does it work for me.. indeed it's all about the total package, firstly started to love being on a boat and the divine pleasure sailing the high sea. Seen quite different conditions now, lazing on deck under the sun but also windy times and waves, speeding up the sail.. fun! For me experiencing the joy of proper sailing, fun company, amazing locations, different views every second of every minute is sublime. For me no boring hotel with a pool and 300 strangers. Captain Jan, his incredible sailing skills and must visit locations float my boat!

Okay you are bundled onto a boat with complete strangers, you shop - cook and bumble along together during the week - but and I do mean 'a constructive but' it magically works and for me it's a pleasure to be part of the whole Saltyboys Experience.

Okay it may sound challenging, but I assure you, try it - and if you like sun, sea and interesting company & experiences / like me = you will be hooked! - and I hope that I will bump into you as I became a true Saltyboy for sure! ;-)

Happy Sailing!


Anton - Moscow, Russia 2014.1.3  18:38

I came sailing with the Saltyboys on the Au Naturel trip in Thailand and still wanted to say "thank you" to Jan, Ross and the rest of the team. It was my first sailing experience and I definitely enjoyed it. Thailand is fantastic: spectacular views around, tiny coves and bays etc. We visited also very popular marina reserves when there was almost nobody but us and all the beautiful spots were for only us to enjoy! It was not my first time to Thailand, but that trip showed me absolutely a different side of the country, it's true beauty. And certainly the Thai food is amazing!

I really enjoyed the company, it was a big pleasure to travel together with other guys. Everyone was very sociable and it was always nice to talk to each other. It was so comfortable and relaxing to explore everything around together.

Pretty often when I tell people about sailing for 7 days on a yacht I see some doubts on their faces. They say it might be boring to be on the same boat for a week. Believe me it’s not boring at all. At the end you start to think why the trip is soo short :-)

I highly recommend trying a Saltyboys sailing trip. It might be one of the strongest impressions in your life ;-)


Dimitris & Vasilis - Athens, Greece 2013.12.7  16:19

This was our first sailing experience but surely not the last, thanks to Jan, our sexy and really experienced skipper (we already consider him as a good friend) as well as the rest of the sexy guys on our sailing trip around the beautiful Greek ionian islands. We'll be back soon!!


Andy - London, UK 2013.9.8  08:21

Wow...I had the best time ever - first time sailing. Took the au natural Greece trip  August 2013 with 7 other sensational guys and skipper Jan who was just magical. I definately recommend this experience and trip to everyone who has a sense of adventure !

So excited I wrote a poem of our

International Sailors are the Salty Boys- Greece Au Natural August 2013

International Sailors are the Salty Boys-

Sailing in the buff - oh what joys -

Jan is the skipper so magical and gay -

She works hard for the money - but always makes our day !

There's Patrick sexy Frenchmen - always calm and relaxed -

Marius and Pim - the two tall hunky -Dutch lads.

Then the Spanish duo- Paco and Fabio-

Always with a smile - they made our days and nights glow-

Argh - and our glamorous party boy -chic Michele  from Italy -always trying to convince us he's straight - not a bit gay-

Finally the two English Breakfast boys - Nick and little old me - desperately trying to make a decent cup of English tea.

So altogether we make an excellent sailing crew - the best of the Salty Boys - hope to see you all soon - so we can make some more - party noise !!

See you in Cuba......Take care Salty Ship Mates - love Andrew x


Michele - Genova, Italy 2013.9.3  18:35

Ionian Greece - August 2013

Also this year an other beautiful sailing experience with Magic Captain Jan and 7 other wonderful salty guys from UK, NL, F, E and Argentina! Now I can say to be SaltyBoys addicted!! Already looking for the next adventure. Thank you Jan, you're the best


Peter - Auckland, NZ 2013.7.17  13:10

Croatia exceeded expectations and an idealic sailing destination. Worth travelling all the way from New Zealand to be part of a Saltyboys adventure. Really enjoyed my first sailing experience and meeting a nice bunch of guys. I highly recommend Saltyboys to others.


Jeremy - London, UK 2013.7.16  23:46

2013 Croatia

Okay 12 guys / complete strangers on a boat with a Dutch Captain sailing around deserted Croatian Islands - madness or memorable

Delighted to say memorable and huge thanks to Captain Jan and my fellow crew guys for making it all rock & roll in such a delightfull fashion

> Amazing sailing

> Great group of guys who had traveled from the US / NZ / CANADA & UK

> Croatia was adorable

> Food and wine / on boat or in port - always yummy

> Sun shone / nude as we sailed

So scores on the doors / 9 0ut of 10 and thank you - thank you so very much

( thinking Greece next year / plus cheeky sail with Salty Boys in the UK winter months

Jan huge thanks for being our Captain and host with the most


Paul - Oxford, UK 2013.7.15  17:21

I had a really great time on an au naturel trip in Croatia. It was really fun. Jan really knows what he is doing and the collection of people we got together were a good laugh. It was great to be able to do as much or as little sailing as you wanted, to visit some very cute Croatian villages on the islands we stopped at. Viva Saltyboys!


Rick Edney - Melbourne, Australia 2013.7.12  14:45

Hi Jan and Ross,

I really enjoyed the opportunity to be uninhibited by being naked and found it to be the most liberating experience. It also reinforced the effort that has to be made for adjusting to live with other individuals in an intimate way for a whole week. Sometimes the things that we think at the beginning we may not like, can be completely different when you go a bit further in getting to know somebody.

I try to look for the good in most situations, and surprisingly there it is. Wrapping it all up, I had a great time and would highly recommend Saltyboys as long as people go with a good attitude and work together.

Thanks again guys for a very memorable time that I will not forget.

Love Rick. XX


Paul - Cairns, Australia 2013.4.13  14:24

Hi Jan and Ross,  

I just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing "au Natural" adventure around the beautiful Whitsunday islands on a super stylish yacht! Your friendliness and courtesy was appreciated. Above all your professional and concern for our safety the entire trip was comforting.

I so enjoyed being able to help Ross with the ropes, anchor and  mooring hook (awesome "A" team we became).  Also helping with the sails and steering made for a hands on holiday that was very enjoyable.  

I wish I could come along for everytrip, but will have to make do with one or two a year.  Take care guys and see you soon!!

Paul - Cairns, Australia.


Hans - Breda, Netherlands 2012.9.29  14:32

My second sailingtrip and 5 nights longer then the previous. Had a real good time and enjoyed the team work. Go with the flow as weather conditions are always changing when on sea. Great to meet all those nationalities on board and Jan-Willem was a great skipper. We even had Haute Cuisine for lunch and dinner due to the excellent skills of Michel. Enjoyed my trip to the fullest. Thanks all.


Jason and Brad - London, UK 2012.9.24  13:34

We have just completed a fantastic trip to Croatia with a group of amazing people. This trip totally exceeded our expectations in every way. Some pointers to future people wanting to sail, be flexible, open to everything and the more you join in the more fun you will have! Jan- Willem is an amazing skipper and knows his stuff – we booking again that is for sure!


Fabio - Bruxelles, Belgium 2012.8.3  18:02

Thanks Jan for a great trip! Jan expertly and  successfully managed to navigate a group of guys with big personalities, passions and desires. Our never ending expectations and wishes were always met! From long swims in between islands, to freshen up swims attached to a rope, swims and sunbathing in beautiful bays, sunset cocktails on land and at sea, nude beach fires and even a nude religious experience on a beach; and even organizing that our last night was in a beautiful bay away from Athens - priceless! The list is quite endless! Each of our ever demanding requests were always met with a smile and only ever turned down if there was a 100% risk of death (e.g. swimming in front of a flying dolphin).  For this, and I think I speak for all, we are very grateful for it truly was a wonderful week.


Karl - Zurich, Swiss 2012.8.3  15:46

I have been on tha boat with Jan-Willem the third time now - this time in Thailand. I like the atmosphere of sharing - especially good times: On a boat you are free to do whatever you like - far away from anything especially mass tourism!. What I liked most about each trip is the dynamic of groups - the way Jan-Willem handles it and the mixture of freedom and safety. I love to be a Saltyboy!


Marc - Utrecht, Netherlands 2012.8.2  20:27

Had a supergroovy trip!! Thanks guys!


Erwin - Amsterdam, Netherlands 2012.8.1  11:46

In june 2012 I spent two weeks on a Saltyboys boat in Greece. To be short: a great experience. Jan is a very experienced skipper. Even though we took off with beaufort 8 or 9 - and I was scared at first - I totally felt at ease after I realised he really knows what he's doing. The company was also perfect. Who knew being on holiday with a bunch of strangers can be so much fun. Thanks again to you all, folks!


Daniel - Toronto, Canada 2012.7.31  22:20

I am writing this over a month after I sailed with Saltyboys and I am still fully charged and energized with the experience.

I took the trip through Cyclades in Greece with 6 other lovely guys and Jan himself and I had the time of my life, The scenery, the weather, the sea, the boat, the food and last but by no means the least, the company was awesome!

Jan is great. He is polite, patient and accomodating and best of all calm which helps a lot for people like me who had no prior sailing experince. The sailing experience was amazing. The sea was windy and the ride bumpy and despite the fact that I have a huge phobia of swimming in open waters (I am a good swimmer otherwise), I had a great time.

and eventhough, I shared a relatively small space with a bunch of others, everyone respected my space and privacy and I got my daily dose of  "me time"  during the trip.

The crowd in the boat was also very homogeneous!! (no pun intended!!) so being nude ( I am a hardcore nudist) was neither a problem nor awkward !!!

Did I mention there was eye candy galore in the boat? including the skipper himself!!!

Sorry Jan, I had to somehow mention that! lol

I, not only very strongly recommend him (Saltyboys) and his trips but will definitely join in on another adventure again. Bottomline is he has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing and is calm and collected at all times.

Thanks again, Jan!


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